Berenice Abbott: Self-Portrait 1928

Berenice Abbott: Self-Portrait 1928

Man Ray: Portrait of Berenice Abbott:1928


Berenice Abbott: Self-Portrait Distortion 1945

Famous for her architectural photographs of New York skyscrapers in the 1930s, Abbott had trained with Man Ray in Paris in the 1920s, where she discovered the work of Eugene Atget. She had her own portrait studio in Paris in the late 1920s, and her portfolio includes studies of Atget himself, Jean Cocteau, James Joyce, Max Ernst, – all the zeitgeist artists of the 1920s.


Ilse Bing: Self-portrait with mirror 1931

In contrast, Abbott’s contemporary Ilse Bing – known as ‘the Queen of the Leica’ for her innovative use of the small, hand-held camera, was also embedded deep in the rich photographic scene of Paris between the wars. The innately mysterious image of/in the mirror is of course a reference to her interest in Surrealism – the dominant avant garde art movement of this time.


One thought on “Berenice Abbott: Self-Portrait 1928

  1. to Dee Williams of Chapman University in California: Dee you are absolutely correct. Not enough people include metadata on the images they’re posting, and I wrongly ascribed this. In some photos – like the portrait of Berenice by Man Ray, and the Ilse self-portrait, they do look remarkably alike don’t you think? I’ll correct this asap, but thanks again for the observation. I’ve corrected it!

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